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Singer / songwriter Darryl Holter's new album, Crooked Hearts, is released on 213 Music. Special guests on the new CD include Dave Alvin, Benmont Tench, Gabe Witcher and Willie Murphy.

In Crooked Hearts, his third album, Darryl Holter offers up dark tales of love and heartache, betrayal and crime. Holter is a storyteller and the characters in this album are flawed, but real. They include star-crossed lovers who run afoul of the law, lonely hearts left behind and unlikely couples brought together by circumstance and torn apart by design.

The title track is a first person narrative of fleeting romance and a safe-cracking robbery gone wrong. A picturesque Parisian street provides the backdrop for Mouffetard Noir, a story of short-term errors of judgment and long-term regret.

With multiple tales of obsession, loneliness, and love gone wrong, Crooked Hearts takes an old musical theme, populates it with a panoply of flawed but real characters, and, ultimately, makes us feel happy that our lives are as good as they are. ~ Grateful Web

  1. Mary Brown
  2. Crooked Hearts
  3. Love Is Just a Four Letter Word
  4. Why Don't You Quit Leaving Me Alone
  5. Take Me Away
  6. November Rain
  7. Try, Try, Try
  8. Backburner Blues
  9. Walking the Long Miles Home
  10. Rue Du Pont Au Chou
  11. I Ain't Blue
  12. Mouffetard Noir
  13. Midnight in Cologne

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