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For her first album in nearly seven years, singer-songwriter Lee Ann Womack is poised to make a return in September with the The Way I'm Livin', Produced by Frank Liddell (Miranda Lambert, David Nail).

'I wanted songs that talked about how life really is, the raw spots, the tough places, the meltdowns and messy parts,' she explains of the album, which features songs by Chris Knight, Neil Young and Roger Miller, among others. 'Hard, sad, rough ... all the stuff people pretend doesn't exist! Because once you embrace that, you can figure out what to do; or not do!'

Womack continues, 'It feels so good to be getting new music out to the fans. I live to sing great songs that tear holes in life just show living for what it is. I was fired up going into the studio, and Matt (Chamberlin), Duke (Levine), Glen (Worf, Jr), Mac (McAnally), Paul (Franklin) and all the amazing players who came by took me to an even higher place inside these songs.'


  1. Prelude: Fly
  2. All His Saints
  3. Chances Are
  4. The Way I'm Livin'
  5. Send It on Down
  6. Don't Listen to the Wind
  7. Same Kind of Different
  8. Out on the Weekend
  9. Nightwind
  10. Sleeping with the Devil
  11. Not Forgotten You
  12. Tomorrow Night in Baltimore
  13. When I Come Around


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