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The Reconciliation is the follow up to highly acclaimed debut from My Darling Clementine, How Do You Plead, and features 12 brand new songs plus a reworking of a lost Ronnie Self classic. It is produced by Colin Elliot (Richard Hawley) and features the Hawley Band throughout.

This album continues to mine the themes of the debut, but it goes even further. Yes, there are still songs about heartache and the difficulties of the adult relationships, but also songs that deal with deeper and darker subjects ... domestic violence in the orchestral sweep of No Matter What Tammy Said, the struggle to have a child (Miracle Mabel), the loss of parents (Ashes, Flowers & Dust) and even a song remembering the life of country hero George Jones (The Gospel According to George).

The Governor of the heart of Texas, the great Kinky Friedman is also on hand to growl the judge's lines in the divorce court waltz of the opener, Unhappily Ever After.

My Darling Clementine in concert is a unique experience. A combination of some of the finest musicians in the UK, a brand new classic country songbook, and two stunning voices.

  1. Unhappily Ever After
  2. No Heart In This Heartache
  3. I Can't Live With You (if You Can't Live With Yourself)
  4. Our Race Is Run
  5. Leave The Good Book On The Shelf
  6. No Matter What Tammy Said (i Won't Stand By Him)
  7. I No Longer Take Pride
  8. King Of The Carnival
  9. The Gospel According To George
  10. Ashes, Flowers & Dust
  11. Let's Be Unhappy
  12. Miracle Mabel

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