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2007 collection from the Country/Pop princess, daughter of June Carter Cash, step-daughter of Johnny Cash and ex-wife of Nick Lowe. Carlene recorded some great early '80s Roots/Pop albums then came back strong in the late '80s and '90s with her own brand of Country. This compilation features the best of the Country period with tracks like 'I Fell In Love', 'Do It In A Heartbeat', 'Me And The Wildwood Rose' and many more. 20 tracks. Warner.

1. Do It In A Heartbeat
2. Baby Ride Easy
3. I Fell In Love
4. Come On Back
5. The Sweetest Thing
6. One Love
7. My Dixie Darlin
8. Goodnight Dallas
9. Me And The Wildwood Rose
10. The Leavin Side
11. You Are The One
12. Every Little Thing
13. Unbreakable Heart
14. I Love You Cause I Want To
15. Love Like This
16. Hurricane
17. Loose Talk (Ft Carl Smith)
18. Go Wild
19. The Lucky Ones
20. All Night Long

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