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[Disc 1]

1. Jealous Lies
2. If You're Ever Lonely Darling
3. Weary Blues (From Waiting)
4. Talk To Your Heart
5. Release Me
6. I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)
7. Crazy Arms
8. You Done Me Wrong
9. Wasted Words
10. I've Got a New Heartache
11. My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You
12. Curtain In the Window
13. Invitation To the Blues
14. City Lights
15. Heartaches By the Number
16. The Same Ole Me
17. One More Time
18. I Wish I Could Fall In Love Today
19. Heart Over Mind
20. Soft Rain

[Disc 2]

1. San Antonio Rose
2. I've Just Destroyed the World (I'm Living In)
3. Pride
4. Walk Me To the Door
5. Night Life
6. Make the World Go Away
7. Burning Memories
8. The Other Woman
9. Don't You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me
10. A Way To Survive
11. I'm Still Not Over You
12. I Let My Mind Wander
13. Danny Boy
14. She Wears My Ring
15. You Wouldn't Know Love
16. For the Good Times
17. I Won't Mention It Again
18. I'd Rather Be Sorry
19. You're the Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me
20. Faded Love

Tags: The Essential [2xCD] Ray Price