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Larry Sparks likes to say that he is the youngest old-timer around, and there's more than a bit of truth to that.

Throughout his long career, Sparks has stuck to what works, what he does best. He's never flirted with newgrass or jazz-grass or any other new-fangled style of bluegrass.

Sparks has done things his own way, on his own schedule. He followed his vision and he's made a singular contribution to American music. In a world gone fake, Larry Sparks has kept it real.

The Best Of Larry Sparks: Bound To Ride presents 14 of Sparks' finest and most requested recordings including John Deere Tractor, Tennessee 1949, and A Face In The Crowd.

  1. Tennessee 1949
  2. Colleen Malone
  3. John Deere Tractor
  4. A Face In The Crowd
  5. I'd Like To Be A Train
  6. Smokey Mountain Memories
  7. You Ain't Lived
  8. Blue Ridge Cabin Home
  9. You Could Have Called
  10. I'm Bound To Ride
  11. Don't Neglect The Rose
  12. Imitation Of The Blues
  13. Just Lovin' You
  14. Blue Virginia Blues

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