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Michael Ray won the televised musical competition The Next: Fame Is at Your Doorstep in 2012, assisted by the mentorship of Big & Rich's John Rich. Ray didn't deliver a full album for another three years, but that's a sign of how deliberately the Nashville machine can move when they know they have somebody with real potential in their hands. 

Michael Ray was produced by Scott Hendricks and set for release in the summer of 2015. The debut is commercial contemporary country, pitched halfway between the big, bright punch of bro country and the sentimental side of Rich's associated artists. 

Ray is better served by the former than the latter: he can handle a nicely modulated ballad, like Look Like This and he's a friendly, personable purveyor of country-pop, whether he's singing a love song (Kiss You in the Morning) or threatening to burn this mother down (Livin' It Up, which never gets too wild, no matter the threats). 

  1. Kiss You in the Morning
  2. Another Girl
  3. Look Like This
  4. Real Men Love Jesus
  5. Livin' It Up
  6. Run Away With You
  7. Think A Little Less
  8. Wish I Was Here
  9. This Love
  10. Drivin' All Night
  11. Everything In Between
  12. Somewhere South 

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