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For the better part of this new century, country superstar Kenny Chesney has criss-crossed America selling his laissez-faire musical lifestyle, rooted in tank tops and rum.

With his 11th album, Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates, Chesney has chosen to pen none of the tracks, yet many of the tunes he's chosen seem personal, not to mention pensive - take Better as a Memory, a sweet 'n' low meditation on love and leaving, or Demons, an austere album closer that lets regret and whiskey flow free.

However, The usual bulletproof, radio-friendly production remains fully intact. Insanely pleasant first single Never Wanted Nothing More and the Mellencampian riffs of Just Not Today both trade on memories of girls, summer days, and pickup trucks (a few of Chesney's favorite subjects) to fire up those who prefer to remember life like it probably never was.

It's probably not a coincidence that Just Who I Am's finest moment comes via the fusion of commercialism and contemplation. Don't Blink is a meticulously pop-crafted slow burner with a monster hook. ~ Entertainment Weekly

  1. Never Wanted Nothing More
  2. Don't Blink
  3. Shiftwork w/ George Strait
  4. Just Not Today
  5. Wife and Kids
  6. Got a Little Crazy
  7. Better as a Memory
  8. Dancin' for the Groceries
  9. Wild Ride
  10. Scare Me
  11. Demons

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