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Georgia's Cole Swindell, a country singer and songwriter who often adds hip-hop touches to his songs, was a member of the same fraternity at Georgia Southern University as fellow Georgian Luke Bryan, the two often playing shows together, and after Bryan made his move to Nashville, Swindell followed.

Six of the songs on Bryan's Spring Break ... Here to Party album were written by Swindell, and his own single, Chillin' It, broke out in 2013 without the aid of a major label, a situation rectified when Swindell signed a recording contract with Warner Bros. Records on the strength of the single.


  1. Hey Y'all
  2. Chillin' It
  3. Swayin'
  4. Hope You Get Lonely Tonight
  5. Let Me See Ya Girl
  6. Ain't Worth The Whiskey
  7. Brought To You By Beer
  8. I Just Want You
  9. Get Up
  10. Dozen Roses & A Six-Pack
  11. Down Home Boys
  12. The Back Roads & The Back Row


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