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Boys Night Out is the first ever live hits album by crossover country music legends who've sold upwards of 41 million albums, the Oak Ridge Boys.

The album features incredible live performances of all the biggest hits fromOak Ridge Boys'long and celebrated career including Elvira, Bobbie Sue, American Made, Y'all Come Back Saloon, Thank God For Kids and more!

Oak Ridge Boys fans have been clamoring for a live album of hits for several years now, but as the band explained, For some reason or another, the time never seemed right. One project after another would rise up and the live album idea was always put on the back burner Then, in early 2013, lead vocalist and producer Duane Allen saw the stars align as the band was able to get its hands on some top quality remote recording equipment, and promptly began capturing performances of their current show dubbed Boys Night Out.


  1. You're the One
  2. American Made
  3. (I'm Settin') Fancy Free
  4. Love Song
  5. Y'all Come Back Saloon
  6. Sail Away
  7. Dream On
  8. This Crazy Love
  9. Trying to Love Two Women
  10. Come on In
  11. Make My Life with You
  12. Thank God for Kids
  13. Elvira
  14. Bobbie Sue


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