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Jessi Colter's first solo album, A Country Star Is Born, released in 1970 on RCA and produced by Chet Atkins and Waylon Jennings. Twinned with 1981's duet album with husband Waylon Jennings, Leather And Lace

This collaboration made both the US Billboard and Country charts, with the single What's Happened To Blue Eyes a Top 5 US Country chart hit. 


  1. Too Many Rivers
  2. Cry Softly
  3. I Aint The One
  4. Its Not Easy
  5. He Called Me Baby
  6. Why You Been Gone So Long
  7. If Shes Where You Like Livin
  8. Healing Hands Of Time
  9. Thats The Chance Ill Have To Take
  10. Dont Let Him Go
  11. Its All Over Now
  12. You Never Can Tell (C'est La Vie)
  13. Rainy Seasons
  14. Ill Be Alright
  15. Wild Side Of Life
  16. Pastels And Harmony
  17. I Believe You Can
  18. Whats Happened To Blue Eyes
  19. Storms Never Last
  20. I Aint The One
  21. Youre Not My Same Sweet Baby


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