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Known as "The Tall Texan", Billy Walker was a country singer who made his first records in 1949 and had his debut hit in 1954, going on to build a chart career that lasted over three decades, as he adapted his style to the changing country market. 

This collection addresses the first decade and more of that career, when he firmly established his reputation and became a member of the Grand Ole Opry, enjoying a career highlight with the No. 1 country hit Charlie's Shoes and the Top 5 hit Willie The Weeper in 1962. 

This 2-CD Set follows his progression through the country ranks as styles changed to the new Nashville sound, and he flirted with the rockabilly and rock 'n roll idioms along the way, and it's an enlightening and entertaining introduction to a country star whose music merits more attention than it has received over the years.


  1. Headin' for Heartaches
  2. I'm Gonna Take My Heart Away from You
  3. You Didn't Try and Didn't Care
  4. Too Many Times
  5. The Last Kiss Is the Sweetest
  6. Beautiful Brown Eyes
  7. I Ain't Got No Roses
  8. Fifteen Hugs Past Midnight (Twenty Kisses Til' One)
  9. Millie My Darling
  10. What Makes Me Love You (Like I Do)
  11. Who Took My Ring from Your Finger?
  12. One Heart's Beatin', One Heart's Cheatin'
  13. If I Should Live That Long
  14. Back Street Affair
  15. The One You Hurt
  16. You Have My Heart Now
  17. Mexican Joe
  18. Time Will Tell All
  19. Don't Let Your Pride Break Your Heart
  20. I Got Lost Along the Way
  21. Thank You for Calling
  22. Going, Going, Gone
  23. I'm a Fool to Care
  24. Kissing You
  25. You're the Only Good Thing (That's Happened to Me)
  26. Let Me Hear from You
  27. Hey
  28. Which One of Us Is to Blame
  29. Fool That I Am
  30. The Record
  31. Why Does It Have to Be
  32. I've Got Leavin' on My Mind
  33. So Far
  34. Especially for Fools
  35. If You're Happy (Then I'm Satisfied)
  36. On My Mind Again
  37. The Image of Me
  38. I Need It
  39. Put Your Hand in Mine
  40. It'll Take Awhile
  41. Where My Baby Goes
  42. Ghost of a Promise
  43. It's Doggone Tough on Me
  44. I Thought About You
  45. Mr. Heartache
  46. A Woman Like You
  47. Storm Within My Heart
  48. Changed My Mind
  49. Forever
  50. Gotta Find a Way
  51. I Wish You Love
  52. Faded Lights and Lonesome People
  53. Yes, I've Made It
  54. Funny How Time Slips Away
  55. Joey's Back in Town
  56. Charlie's Shoes
  57. Willie the Weeper
  58. Beggin' for Trouble


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