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Two CD set containing a quartet of albums from country music legend Tammy Wynette, known as the 'First Lady of Country Music', one of the genre's truly iconic figures. 

Tammy's first two singles in 1980, He Was There (When I Needed You) and Starting Over just scraped into the Top 20 and the time seemed right for a change. Billy Sherrill, who had launched the singer back in 1966 and was responsible for all her recording through subsequent years, bowed out with her 21st album on Epic Records, Only Lonely Sometimes.

George Richey, Tammy's husband, now took over as her record producer. The other three albums in this collection, Soft Touch (1982), Good Love & Heartbreak (1982), and Even The Strong Get Lonely (1983), were Richey productions and, like Sherrill's earlier work, featured the cream of Nashville session musicians.

Disc 1:


  1. He Was There (When I Needed You)
  2. I'll Be Thinking of You
  3. You Never Knew
  4. Come with Me
  5. You Needed Me
  6. Starting Over
  7. Out of the Spotlight
  8. Only the Names Have Been Changed
  9. When You Love Me
  10. Ozark Mountain Lullaby
  11. Old Reliable
  12. She Can't Take My Love Off the Bed
  13. Being Gone
  14. What's It Like to Be a Woman
  15. I'll Still Be Loving You This Much
  16. Another Chance
  17. If I Didn't Have a Heart
  18. You Still Get to Me in My Dreams
  19. Sometimes I'm a Little Girl
  20. Dancing Your Memory Away


Disc 2:


  1. A Good Night's Love
  2. I Still Dream About You
  3. Back to the Wall
  4. Half the Heart
  5. It's the Goodbye That Blows Me Away
  6. I Just Heard a Heart Break (And I'm So Afraid It's Mine)
  7. Somebody Hold Me Until He Passes By
  8. Time
  9. I'm Going on with Everything Gone
  10. I've Come Back (To Say I Love You One More Time)
  11. Unwed Fathers
  12. I'm So Afraid That I'd Live Through It
  13. A Slightly Used Woman
  14. Only the Strong Survive
  15. With a Friend Like You (Who Needs a Lover)
  16. Still in the Ring
  17. Midnight Love
  18. Love Overdue
  19. Darlin' Take Care of Yourself
  20. Even the Strong Get Lonely Sometimes


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