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The first thing Nate Smith said when asked about his debut, self-titled album was, "It's not about me. It's about being able to reach other people with music that means something." 

Nate's mission with his music is to be a "conduit of hope"; a selfless and passionate driving force that's thematic in his songs. "I'm not trying to be cool, or reinvent the wheel, or chase musical trends ... I'm going after the heart of the matter." 

This deluxe version of the album features an additional six track and is expanded to a 2-Disc format.

  1. If I Could Stop Loving You
  2. Alright, Alright, Alright
  3. One Good Girl
  4. Back at It Again
  5. You Ain't Been in Love
  6. Better Boy
  7. You Only Want Me When You're Drunk
  8. Bad Memory
  9. Oil Spot
  10. Wreckage
  11. LFG
  12. Whiskey on You
  13. You Shouldn't Have to
  14. Sleeve
  15. I Found You
  16. Backseat
  17. Name Storms After
  18. Raised Up
  19. Under My Skin
  20. I Don't Wanna Go to Heaven
  21. World on Fire
  22. I Don't Miss You
  23. Good By Now
  24. What An Angel Ain't
  25. Dear Heart
  26. Love Is Blind

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