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At 16-years-old, Jake Blocker is still far ahead of many artists twice his age when it comes to making actual country music. His songs of finding love and losing it, and dealing with heartbreak are relevant and true to him as a young man as they have been for country performers for going on a century.

But really when you have a voice that sounds this good and music to match it, not much else matters. No, there's nothing revolutionary or hip about what Jake Blocker is doing. But that's why you flock to traditional country - to imbibe in something familiar and warm feeling, especially in strange times or in moments of heartbreak. That's what Jake Blocker and his album I Keep Forgetting are here for. ~ Saving Country Music


  1. I Keep Forgetting
  2. Just Your Memory Playing Games
  3. Blue Night
  4. It's Your Turn to Cry
  5. I'll Have a New Baby Tonight
  6. Now and Then
  7. Only a Fool Could Do Something Like That
  8. Just Between You and Me


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