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Tracy Lawrence is celebrating his 30th anniversary in country music this year, and to mark the career milestone, he's releasing a special project, Hindsight 2020. The three-volume album has 30 tracks and will be released throughout 2021.

The career-encompassing project is a combination of brand new material, collaborations, and some of Lawrence's favorite hits. The first in the series, Volume 1: Stairway to Heaven Highway to Hell features all new material from Lawrence, who penned nine of the 10 tracks, mixing his signature blend of contemporary and traditional country that has made him a mainstay since his debut album, Sticks & Stones, in 1991.


  1. Stairway to Heaven Highway to Hell
  2. Struggle Struggle
  3. Water
  4. Lonely 101
  5. Whole Lotta Me
  6. Summer Snow
  7. Hard Times
  8. If I Could Give You Anything
  9. Knowing
  10. You Only Get One
  11. Hard Times (Unplugged)
  12. Whole Lotta Me (Unplugged)


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