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Joe Nichols' 2022 studio album release features a Blake Shelton collaboration, and a song written by Chris Janson and his wife. Good Day for Living also features Nichols' single Home Run

Joe worked to build an album with radio hits and lyrical depth, with a consistent theme being a third priority. Home Run was described as somewhere between Sunny and 75 and Never Gets Old, two of his last singles on Red Bow.

The rest of Good Day for Living leans on traditional country values, as Nichols has always done.


  1. Brokenhearted
  2. I Got Friends That Do (Featuring Blake Shelton)
  3. Home Run
  4. Dance with the Girl
  5. I Wanna Be Your Tonight
  6. Good Day for Living
  7. Screened in
  8. That's How I Grew Up
  9. Reckon
  10. Why Can't She
  11. One Two Step Closer
  12. Hawaii on Me
  13. She Was


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