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Melissa Carper emerges, after a move to Nashville, TN in 2018, with a superb and grand new solo album entitled Daddy's Country Gold. Known for her work in Austin's Carper Family and Arkansas' Sad Daddy and Buffalo Gals Band, Carper branches out with this solo effort featuring 12 of her original songs, old and new, represented in their full glory. 

Produced by Dennis Crouch (co-founder of the Time Jumpers) and Andrija Tokic (Engineer, the Bomb Shelter), Crouch selected the perfect cast of Nashville's finest country musicians to suit the vintage quality of these modern day songs. Old-style, they recorded to tape and all played in the same room, creating a magical vibe for each song that transferred to this classic sounding recording. 

The 12 original tunes are an exciting mix of Country, Western Swing and Jazz. Carper sings of goat farms, old family vans and the desire for a simple country life, mixing melancholy and humor and creating an irresistible pull between laughter and heartache. 


  1. Makin' Memories
  2. Almost Forgot About You
  3. Back When
  4. Old Fashioned Gal
  5. You're Still My Love
  6. Would You Like to Get Some Goats?
  7. My Old Chevy Van
  8. Arkansas Hills
  9. It's Better If You Never Know
  10. I'm Musing You
  11. Many Moons Ago
  12. The Stars Are Aligned


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