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Country music legend Bobby Bare almost had a #1 pop hit in 1958 without anyone knowing, his song about Elvis Presley's rise to fame and induction into the US military The All-American Boy charted while Bare was himself in the Army and unable to promote it. Released under the name of his friend Bill Parsons (who DID promote it!) it was a global hit and reached #2 on the US Hot 100.

Parsons never had another hit, but once he got out of the Army and got his career back on track Bare scored 70 Country chart hits between 1962 and 1986, several of which crossed over to Pop.

Jasmine's collection brings together five years' worth of recordings from the 1950s and early 60s that Bare released on various labels, before he finally 'made it' under his own name in 1962 (naturally enough, including The All American Boy).

100% All American shows that the talent was there right from the off, and that it would only be a matter of time before that permanent breakthrough came with Shame On Me (also included here).

Remastered from the best possible sources with detailed annotation on the early years of this future Country giant, it is a collection that no fan of vintage country, pop or rock 'n' roll will want to pass up!


  1. Down On The Corner Of Love
  2. Another Love Has Ended
  3. Life Of A Fool
  4. Darling Dont
  5. A Beggar
  6. The Livin End
  7. The All-American Boy - Bill Parsons And His Orchestra
  8. Rubber Dolly - Bill Parsons And His Orchestra
  9. Vampira
  10. Tender Years
  11. Buddies With The Blues (w/ The All American Boys Orchestra)
  12. Sputnik # 2 - Bobby Bare (w/ The All American Boys Orchestra)
  13. Im Hanging Up My Rifle (w/ Johnny And The Jokers)
  14. Thats Where I Want To Be (w/ Johnny And The Jokers)
  15. Sweet Singin Sam (Bobby Bare And His Orchestra)
  16. More Than A Poor Boy Could Give (Bobby Bare And His Orchestra)
  17. Lynchin Party - (With His Orchestra And Chorus)
  18. No Letter From My Baby (w/ The Charmaine Trio)
  19. Book Of Love
  20. Lorena
  21. Sailor Man
  22. Island Of Love
  23. Brooklyn Bridge
  24. Zig Zag Twist
  25. That Mean Old Clock
  26. The Day My Rainbow Fell
  27. Shame On Me
  28. Above And Beyond (The Call Of Love)
  29. I Dont Believe Ill Fall In Love Today
  30. To Whom It May Concern


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