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Cold is the newest and most intimate release to date from award-winning musician/writer, Mean Mary (Mary James). The moody, almost gothic, lyrics and dark melodies take the listener through the colder seasons of the year and of the heart. 

Produced by Mary James, the album features all original songs with some lyrics taken straight from her journal entries. As usual on a Mean Mary project, Mary provides the bulk of vocals and instrumentation to the songs but her family is always there as the unsung heroes. Brother, Frank James, adds his unusual guitar style and harmonies to 4 of the tracks, and Mother (award-winning writer, Jean James) is the co-writer that blends her own brand of lyrics so seamlessly with her daughter's.


  1. I Fell Into the Night
  2. Rainy Day
  3. Dark Woods
  4. Cold (House By the Sea)
  5. Snow Falling
  6. Sad November Breeze
  7. Friend I Never Had
  8. Quoth the Mockingbird
  9. April in December
  10. Sparrow
  11. Forevermore


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