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You Get What You Give features a genre-defying collection of songs that the Zac Brown Band has been testing on the road over the past year.

Praised for the ability to blend 'down-home country with bits of reggae, bluegrass and rock to create a high-quality musical stew' (USA Today), front man Zac Brown notes that the new album 'is representative of where we are right now. It combines elements of our southern rock and country roots, but also stays true to our jam-band style musicianship from the live show.'

This deluxe edition contains bonus tracks and special embossed packaging.

1 Let It Go
2 Knee Deep (feat. Jimmy Buffett)
3 No Hurry
4 I Play the Road
5 Cold Hearted
6 Whiskey's Gone
7 Quiet Your Mind
8 Colder Weather
9 Settle Me Down
10 As She's Walking Away (feat. Alan Jackson)
11 Keep Me In Mind
12 Who Knows
13 Martin
14 Make This Day

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