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Earl Thomas Conley was one of the most successful country singers of the 1980s. His eighteen Billboard No. 1 country singles during the 1980s marked the largest number of #1 hits by any artist in any genre during that decade. This collection of 40 tracks from four complete albums provides plenty of opportunity for listeners to agree that country music really doesn't get better than this. 

This set contains 14 hit singles including 11 #1s & 2 #2s. Somewhere Between Right and Wrong was released in 1982 and spent 60 weeks on the Billboard country chart. Don't Make It Easy For Me was released in 1983 and spent a staggering 97 weeks on the charts. Treadin' Water from 1984 remained in the charts for 46 weeks. The title track of the fourth album in this collection Too Many Times is a duet with Anita Pointer and reached #2. The album was released in 1986 spending 49 weeks on the chart.

Disc 1


  1. Heavenly Bodies
  2. Don't Get Along With the Blues
  3. This Ain't No Way to Be
  4. If It Ain't Something (You Give Me)
  5. The Highway Home
  6. Somewhere Between Right and Wrong
  7. We've Got All Night
  8. Bottled-Up Blues
  9. I Have Loved You Girl (But Not Like This Before)
  10. The Man Inside of Me
  11. Don't Make It Easy for Me
  12. Your Love's on the Line
  13. Holding Her and Loving You
  14. You Can't Go on (Like a Rolling Stone)
  15. Crowd Around the Corner
  16. Ball and Chain
  17. Angel in Disguise
  18. Under Control
  19. Changes of Love
  20. Home So Fine


Disc 2


  1. Too Hot to Handle
  2. Love Don't Care (Whose Heart It Breaks)
  3. Labor of Love
  4. Your Love Says All There Is
  5. Love's on the Move Again
  6. Chance of Lovin' You
  7. Honor Bound
  8. Treadin' Water
  9. Feels Like a Saturday Night
  10. Turn This Bus Around (Bad Bob's)
  12. I Can't Win for Losin' You
  13. Dancin' With the Flame
  14. Attracted to Pain
  15. Many Forgiving Years
  16. Right from the Start
  17. That Was a Close One
  18. I Need a Good Woman Bad
  19. Preservation of the Wild Life
  20. If Leavin' Was Easy


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