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Michelle Billingsley is not your typical folk singer. Billingsley sings about a whole lot of subjects considered taboo for polite women. Though you might not catch it on first listen - she wraps her charmingly cutting lyrics in boisterous acoustic strumming, her dryly dark sense of humor and a (whip)smart-assed vocal delivery. It all sounds a bit like Emmylou Harris went through the looking glass.

Billingsley's new debut album for Western Myth Records, Not the Marrying Kind - produced by her friend, multi-instrumentalist Matt Brown - is an Americana gem. The record is genuine, irreverent, unique and fearless. Its spare, moody vibe draws you in close with your guard down, and once you pause long enough to get your head around the songs, the depth of Billingsley's talent comes sharply into focus.


  1. When Will You Learn
  2. Kangaroo Court
  3. Portia
  4. Gaslighting
  5. Once in a While
  6. She's Gone
  7. Drink 'Til I'm Pretty
  8. Then I Remember
  9. Mom Jeans
  10. Afternoon in Triplet


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