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In 1969 John Avery Lomax (1907-1974) sat down in his Houston, Texas home with a cassette deck and recorded about 160 of his favorite songs winnowed from 60 years of hearing them, and at least from the 1930s on, singing them.

This disc stands as a time capsule of this Texas folksinger's 1950s and 60s repertoire.

'When he sang, my father had a true gusto for the song that I didn't believe I ever saw anyone else equal. He could hold the attention of an audience by himself - no guitar, no props - for an hour or more' ~ Joseph Lomax


  1. Buffalo Skinners
  2. Intro - Git Along Little Dogies
  3. Git Along Little Dogies
  4. Intro - Grey Goose
  5. Grey Goose
  6. Intro - Roosters Crow at Midnight
  7. Roosters Crow at Midnight
  8. Ain't No More Cane on This Brazos
  9. Tin Maker Man
  10. Intro - Ballad of Amy Mcpherson
  11. Ballad of Amy Mcpherson
  12. Intro - Frankie and Albert
  13. Frankie and Albert
  14. Hallelujah, I'm a Bum
  15. The Alamo Song
  16. Intro - Bring Me a Little Water, Sylvie
  17. Bring Me a Little Water
  18. Intro - The Factory Girl
  19. The Factory Girl
  20. The Rattlesnake Song
  21. Intro - Ballad of Bobby Kennedy
  22. Ballad of Bobby Kennedy
  23. The Worms Crawl In
  24. Intro - Change the Name of Arkansas
  25. Change the Name of Arkansas


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