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Hank Thompson Salutes Oklahoma and Next Time I Fall In Love (I Won't) is a two-on-one 2021 reissue from Heart Of Texas Records. The albums were originally released in 1969 and 1971.

  1. Oklahoma Hills
  2. Dusty Skies
  3. Dear Okie
  4. Oklahoma Home Brew
  5. The Everlasting Hills Of Oklahoma
  6. Take Me Back To Tulsa
  7. Guthrie
  8. Happy Oklahoma
  9. O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A
  10. Homesick, Lonesome, Hillbilly Okie
  11. Big Boat Across Oklahoma
  12. Oklahoma Stomp
  13. Next Time I Fall In Love (I Won't)
  14. At Certain Times
  15. The Pathway Of My Life
  16. But That's All Right
  17. I'm Afraid I Lied
  18. Cozy Inn
  19. The Mark Of A Heel
  20. One Of The Fortunate Few
  21. Everybody Loves A Pretty Baby
  22. Take It All Away
  23. Promise Her Anything


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