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While her debut has been promoted through a glitzy high-fashion photo package and items in trendy magazines, South Carolina native Julie Roberts, who has the looks for such hype, also delivers the goods.

Her smoky, beguiling voice echoes Bonnie Raitt and a young Tanya Tucker. She and producer/guitarist Brent Rowan shun the blaring arena rock or folk-flavored pretense that plagues many debuts. This one emphasises solid, quality commercial fare in an Americana-based setting heavy on acoustic guitars and rhythm.


  1. You Ain't Down Home
  2. Break Down Here
  3. Pot Of Gold
  4. Unlove Me
  5. Just 'Cause We Can
  6. Wake Up Older
  7. If You Had Called Yesterday
  8. No Way Out
  9. I Can't Get Over You
  10. Rain On A Tin Roof
  11. The Chance


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