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Since the 2016 release of Bobby Dove's debut full-length album, Thunderchild, the Montreal-born singer songwriter has built a following across Canada and beyond. 

Bobby has become known as one of the country's most dedicated troubadours, crooning live audiences with heart-worn originals, and on her 2021 release, Hopeless Romantic, she continues to pay tribute to the golden age of Country music.


  1. Hopeless Romantic
  2. Sometimes It's a Lonely Road
  3. Gas Station Blues
  4. Chance in Hell (Feat. Jim Cuddy)
  5. My World's Getting Smaller
  6. Haunted Hotel
  7. Like It or Not I Love You
  8. El Hormiguero
  9. Early Morning Funeral
  10. Golden Years
  11. New Endings New Beginnings


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