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Jerry Douglas is widely considered the greatest living dobro player on Earth. He's been playing professionally for over 40 years, won 14 Grammy awards, played on thousands of records, and recorded with the likes of Dolly Parton, James Taylor, Paul Simon. 

With the Jerry Douglas Band, he brings many of those genres together into one project, 2017's What If

The group creates a unique fusion of Jam-band, Jazz, Bluegrass, Blues, and Country music that has never been heard before.

  1. Cavebop
  2. Unfolding
  3. 2:19
  4. What If
  5. Hey Joe
  6. Battle Stick
  7. Go Ahead and Leave
  8. Butcher Boy
  9. Freemantle
  10. The Last Wild Moor
  11. Hot Country 84.5

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