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Country music's Alan Jacksonhas ventured into the Bluegrass Music arena with his latest project, The Bluegrass Album. This is the first Country to Bluegrass artist to hit the mark and hit it dead center.

By bringing a host of top bluegrass musicians into the mix, Jackson achieved a genuine bluegrass sound. From Adam Steffey's mandolin to Rob Ickes Dobro and Sammy Shelor's banjo the combination rings true to a genre that often is intolerant of deviations. On The Bluegrass Album, the boundaries are definitely stretched but, in a way that even hard-core bluegrass fans will enjoy.

There are the traditionals of bluegrass such as Bill Monroe's Blue Moon of Kentucky and There is a Time by Rodney Dillard/Mitchell Jayne that carry on the tradition. While Jackson's voice isn't the 'High Lonesome' of Monroe, he certainly does justice to these landmarks of bluegrass music.

Traditional country always had a hook line, frequently with multiple interpretations, and Ain't Got Trouble Now is a prime example of that tradition. With a bluegrass influence to traditional country, making it work is easier said than done. Jackson paves new ground to success on a path where others have come up short.


  1. Long Hard Road
  2. Mary
  3. Appalachian Mountain Girl
  4. Tie Me Down
  5. Way Beyond The Blue
  6. Aint Got Trouble Now
  7. Blue Ridge Mountain Song
  8. Blacktop
  9. Blue Side of Heaven
  10. There Is A Time
  11. Wild and Blue
  12. Knew All Along
  13. Lets Get Back to Me and You
  14. Blue Moon of Kentucky


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