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Eric Brace, Peter Cooper, and Thomm Jutz have once again combined their forces to create a singular new record, Riverland, fourteen interconnected tales of Mississippi, both the river and the state. Songs about its people, its water, its history, its past, its magic, its madness.

Riverland finds the boys working with frequent collaborators Mark Fain (bass) and Lynn Williams (drums), and features significant contributions from the Steeldrivers' Tammy Rogers (fiddle), banjo players Justin Moses and Terry Baucom, and legendary mandolin player Mike Compton.

Through thirteen new compositions (and one devastating cover), you'll hear about the Flood of 1927; the adventures of a traveling mule; the twilight years of legendary keelboat man Mike Fink; the farmer fighting to keep his family's land going; the plan General Ulysses S. Grant's had to change the world by taking Vicksburg; and you'll learn about the Reverend Will D. Campbell and his work for equality and racial justice in the south over the course of a lifetime. 


  1. River City (feat. Mark Fain & Lynn Williams)
  2. King of the Keelboat Men (feat. Mark Fain, Lynn Williams & Mike Compton)
  3. Down Along the River (feat. Mark Fain, Lynn Williams, Mike Compton & Tammy Rogers)
  4. Drowned and Washed Away (feat. Mark Fain, Lynn Williams & Justin Moses)
  5. Old Tom T. and Brother Will (feat. Mark Fain, Lynn Williams, Tammy Rogers & Terry Baucom)
  6. Mississippi Magic (feat. Mark Fain)
  7. In the Presence of the River
  8. Southern Mule (feat. Mark Fain & Lynn Williams)
  9. To Be a Steamboat Man (feat. Mike Compton)
  10. As Far as I Can See (feat. Mark Fain & Lynn Williams)
  11. It Might Be Hollywood (feat. Mark Fain, Lynn Williams, Mike Compton & Tammy Rogers)
  12. Uneasy Does It (feat. Mark Fain, Lynn Williams & Steve Fishell)
  13. Fort Defiance (feat. Mark Fain, Lynn Williams, Tammy Rogers & Terry Baucom)
  14. Mississippi, Rest My Soul (feat. Mark Fain, Tammy Rogers & Justin Moses)


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