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Can there be too much of a good thing If the questions about collaboration between American roots music hero Jim Lauderdale and legendary lyricist Robert Hunter, the answers an emphatic no! Marking the formers debut on the respected Sugar Hill records label, Reason And Rhyme makes a compelling case for the continued vitality of the Lauderdale - Hunter partnership - and for Lauderdales unique and deeply satisfying approach to bluegrass.

'This ones back to total bluegrass,' Lauderdale says of the collaborative follow-up to 2010s electric Patchwork River, and so its no surprise that it features many of the musicians involved in his previous bluegrass efforts.

The close-knit crew, headed up by producer and resonator guitarist Randy Kohrs, is perfectly in tune with Lauderdales grass-with-a-twist sensibilities, and whether its a return buddy like bassist Jay Weaver or new colleague Mike Compton (mandolin), each player delivers mightily with the genres characteristic virtuosity and emotional fire.

  1. Cruel Wind and Rain
  2. Love's Voice
  3. Don't Tempt The Devil (With Your Love)
  4. Tiger & The Monkey
  5. Not Let You Go
  6. Fields of the Lord
  7. Jack Dempsey's Dream
  8. Don't Give a Hang
  9. Reason and Rhyme
  10. Doin' It On My Own
  11. Janis Jones

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