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Mosaic is the 2010 release from the veteran Country/Bluegrass superstar Ricky Skaggs.

When inspiration infuses with genius, an extraordinary creation occurs. For 14-time Grammy-winning artist Ricky Skaggs, that creation is the right sound and the right people involved to 'make the music that is in his head and in his heart.'

This most special album, Mosaic, hooks the heart, as the sounds invite you in to take notice and come closer. Ricky, now celebrating his 50th anniversary in music, crowns this special year with Mosaic. 50 years in the making, this album weaves pieces of life, remembrances, and thoughtful wisdom of the ages to create a fresh, new sound for all the people of the world to hear.

1. Mosaic
2. Can't Shake Jesus
3. Make God First
4. Someday Soon
5. Instead
6. Shepherd's Voice
7. Picture
8. Fire From The Sky
9. I'm Awake Now
10. My Cup Runneth Over
11. You'll Find God
12. A Work of Love
13. Return To Sender
14. Spontaneous Worship (Bonus Track)

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