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Known for an inherent ability to connect to their audience, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver prove that talent once again on Life Is a Story, their latest release for Mountain Home. 

The 12-song collection contains a mix of fervent ballads, uplifting up-tempos, thought-ful lyrics, powerful picking and superb vocal performances. On Life Is a Story, the group demonstrates musical storytelling at its best with songs by some of the finest writers in the business.

The band is energetic, proficient and polished to Lawson's exceedingly high standards, and includes members: Josh Swift (Resophonic Guitar, Acoustic Lead Guitar and percussion); Joe Dean (Banjo and Guitar); Dustin Pyrtle (Lead and Tenor vocals, Guitar); Eli Johnston (Lead and Baritone vocals, Bass) and Stephen Burwell (Fiddles). At the vanguard is Lawson: ever the patriarch and ever the statesman.

  1. Kids These Days
  2. Little Girl
  3. Life Of A Hard Workin' Man
  4. Life To My Days
  5. I See A Heartbreak Comin'
  6. Guitar Case
  7. What Am I Living For
  8. Bluegrass Blues
  9. Derailed
  10. Love Lives Again
  11. Cry Across Kansas
  12. Drivin' It Home

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