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Della Mae takes a bold step forward with Headlight, produced by Dan Knobler. Boldly breaking genre convention, the Grammy Award-nominated band have pushed beyond their bluegrass roots and followed their instincts to create their most sonically adventurous body of work to date.

Della Mae - lead vocalist/guitarist Celia Woodsmith, 2-time national champion fiddle player Kimber Ludiker, mandolinist Jenni Lyn Gardner, and upright bassist Zoe Guigueno - have fully embraced the album's potential as a platform for change, delivering a collection of 12 songs at turns fearlessly personal and powerfully resonant. As their most collaborative work yet, the album features an exceptional lineup of guest musicians, often contributing on instruments entirely new to Della Mae's output: keys, drums, electric guitar.


  1. Headlight
  2. Change
  3. The Long Game
  4. I Like It When You're Home
  5. The Odds Of Getting Even
  6. Wild One
  7. It's About Time
  8. Waiting For You
  9. Peg Monster
  10. First Song Dancer
  11. Working
  12. I Can't Pretend


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