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The Roys release their third CD for Rural Rhythm, Gypsy Runaway Train in 2013. This project celebrates the roots of the genre (with a collection of seven standards included on the album), yet introduces six new songs written by the award winning duo.

The new songs include up tempo tracks You Can Count on My Love and Gypsy Runaway Train, which pays homage to all the fans. Also, the deeply personal, poignant song Half of Me, written by Elaine Roy while experiencing the heartbreak of a divorce.

Elaine Roy says 'With the success of both of our past album, we always hope to expand our listeners. This album is different because we have written some of the songs and chosen some of our favorite cover songs that we have been doing throughout our career. We have also used our own band in the studio.

'Being creative is very exciting and to hear our music come to life is the icing on the cake. We hope it brings the listeners on a musical journey and maybe takes them back in time also.'

  1. You Can Count On My Love
  2. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
  3. Another Minute
  4. Born With A Hammer In My Hand
  5. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
  6. He Took Your Place
  7. Workin' On It
  8. Enough For Me
  9. Ramblin' Fever
  10. What Gives You The Right
  11. Those Memories Of You
  12. Half Of Me
  13. Gypsy Runaway Train

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