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Kicking off with the slippery and driving groove of 'She Makes Me Want To Sing' featuring fellow slide-master Derek Trucks, the album's 11 tracks are the most ambitious and accessible work to date for Douglas, marking the masterwork of a key musical explorer and a testament to his evolving creative spirit. The Best Kept Secret takes an inclusive tack on 'Who's Your Uncle', regular co-conspirators Bela Fleck and Sam Bush whip it up on a series of blistering choruses, while on 'Back In Love Again' Douglas unveils a new slinky -- one could even say funky -- side from singer Alison Krauss. Koch. 2005.

1. She Makes Me Want To Sing * With Derek Trucks
2. Who's Your Uncle * With Sam Bush And Bela Fleck
3. Back In Love Again * With Alison Krauss
4. A Remark You Made
5. The Best Kept Secret
6. Lil' RoRo * WIth Bill Frisell
7. Swing Blues No.1 * With John Fogerty
8. Snow's First Fall
9. Ya Ya Etc.
10. U R My Flower
11. Sir Aly B

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