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For well over a generation, Dr. Ralph Stanley has been an iconic figure in American music. With generous touches of old-time, gospel, and what is now termed 'bluegrass music,' Ralph has successfully created his unique brand of Americana, a sound he simply calls 'Old-Time Mountain Music.'

This new album, A Mother's Prayer on Rebel records, is classic Stanley. The incredible singing that has been the hallmark of his sound is front and center here, and the 14 featured songs are varied in their composition and rich in their texture. This is yet another masterful addition to an already impressive recording career.

1. That Home Far Away
2. It s Time To Wake Up
3. Come All Ye Tenderhearted
4. Let Him Into Your Heart
5. A Mother s Prayer
6. Prince of Peace
7. Are You Washed In The Blood
8. Lift Him Up, That s All
9. He Suffered For My Reward
10. Let It Go
11. That Wonderful Place
12. I ll Not Be Afraid
13. John The Revelator
14. What Kind of Man

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