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Alison Krauss has released A Hundred Miles Or More: A Collection which showcases the divine vocals and virtuoso violin work of Ms. Krauss outside of the confines of her work with Union station.

A Hundred Miles Or More gathers up tracks that have appeared on compilations, and duets that have turned up on other artists' CDs. There are also five previously unreleased tracks, making this far more than a simple repackage. Her duet with Brad Paisley is one highlight, as is the acappella Down to the River to Pray taken from the soundtrack of O Brother, Where Art Thou

The five new songs also see Krauss taking the controls as producer, and overall this collection hangs together particularly well, and is listenable as a complete album as opposed to the hit-and-miss approach of other similar projects.

  1. You're Just a Country Boy
  2. Simple Love
  3. Jacob's Dream
  4. Away Down the River
  5. Sawing on the Strings
  6. Down to the River to Pray
  7. Baby Mine
  8. Molly Ban
  9. How's the World Treating You (duet with James Taylor)
  10. The Scarlet Tide
  11. Whiskey Lullaby (duet with Brad Paisley)
  12. You Will Be My Ain True Love
  13. I Give You to His Heart
  14. Get Me Through December
  15. Missing You (duet with John Waite)
  16. Lay Down Beside Me (previously unreleased duet with John Waite)

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