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There is something uniquely comfortable about Daryl Mosley. His easy Southern drawl and his impressive collection of songs about small town life, faith, and family seem to wear the way your favorite old blue jeans do. You keep reaching for them time and again. 

The combination of these exquisitely crafted songs along with his understated delivery and warm, gentle personality has worn well with music lovers for over three decades and continues to engage the listener in a way that few artists can.

Music legends from Tom T Hall and Ronnie Milsap to Bill Gaither and Dave Loggins have praised both Mosley's singing prowess and his gifts as a songwriter. Mosley's songsmith abilities have led to him being twice honoured as Songwriter of the Year, seven #1 songs, and three Song of the Year awards.

Small Town Dreamer is Daryl Mosley's 2021 release.


  1. Transistor Radio
  2. Hillbilly Dust
  3. The Last of His Kind
  4. Bringing Simple Back
  5. He's with Me
  6. The Waverly Train Disaster
  7. You Are the Reason
  8. I Can't Go Home Anymore
  9. The Way I Was Raised
  10. Mama's Bible
  11. Here's to the Dreamers
  12. Sing Me a Song About a Train


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