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Jeremy Stephens, Corrina Rose Logston Stephens and Kurt Stephenson, multi-talented musicians and singers for High Fidelity, could be considered bluegrass archaeologists who excavate rare gems of forgotten or overlooked bluegrass and old-time music and make them shine again for new audiences. This latest collaborative endeavor by the band brings forth gospel treasures that will move your feet and your soul.

Music In My Soul has been a labor of love to the highest degree, and the band has pulled from the well of their musical predecessors - maybe a bit deeper than usual on this record - and simultaneously, a first ever "original" composition by the group (written by Corrina Rose Logston Stephens) is featured. 

Though incorporating gospel songs has always been natural for High Fidelity, having a whole album set apart for this purpose was a truly special experience.


  1. I'm Ready to Go
  2. Walking with My Savior
  3. I'll Be No Stranger There
  4. I Need the Prayers
  5. The Mighty Name of Jesus
  6. Music in My Soul
  7. There Is Power in the Blood
  8. The Storm
  9. The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn
  10. My Lord Is Taking Me Away
  11. I'm a Pilgrim
  12. My Lord Keeps a Record
  13. Are You Lost in Sin?
  14. We're Living in the Last Days Now


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