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Rachel Brooke is a little bit country, a little bit gothic and a little bit indescribable. She's the rebel Southern belle who's actually from Michigan. Her words are tough, yet elegant; her music is refreshingly simple and quietly suggests that Brooke herself is not. 

Critics and fans have said that she was born in the wrong time - and perhaps that's true - but in the midst of synthetic dance music's assault on current culture, an unadorned and honest song stands out in a novel way. With two full-length solo albums and a four-song vinyl 7-inch, Brooke is an intriguing and badass arrival to the neo-traditional country scene. 

She's the tough chick who can keep up with the boys in chores and whiskey shots, then pick up a banjo and silence everyone in the saloon with her beautiful twang and poetic lyrics. Her music is paradoxically old-timey and fresh; it transports you to a hazy rural daydream. ~ Emily Richardson, Buzzbin Magazine 


  1. It Ain't over 'til You're Crying
  2. Great Mistake
  3. The Hard Way
  4. The Loneliness in Me
  5. Picture on the Wall
  6. It Won't Be Long
  7. Ghost of You
  8. The Lovells Stockade Blues
  9. Lucky and Alone
  10. The Awful Parts of Me
  11. Undecided Love
  12. I Miss It Like It's Gone


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