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Same Truck is Scotty McCreery's fifth studio album, being released via Triple Tigers, and features 12 songs, including his Top 15 single You Time and another recently released song, Why You Gotta Be Like That

In fact, it was the release of that song on July 16, a press release explains, that caused pre-sale information for the record to leak, prompting McCreery to move the announcement of the album up a few weeks.


  1. Same Truck
  2. You Time
  3. It Matters to Her
  4. Damn Strait
  5. It'll Grow on Ya
  6. The Waiter
  7. Why You Gotta Be Like That
  8. Home
  9. Carolina to Me
  10. Small Town Girl
  11. That Kind of Fire
  12. How Ya Doin' Up There


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