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Married Alone, the newest studio album from Country singer/songwriter Sunny Sweeney, was recorded at the Dallas, TX based Modern Electric Sound Recorders with producer Paul Cauthen. The new collection of original songs is the follow up to her acclaimed 2017 release Trophy

"Before I made this album, I did two things I'd never done before. I saw Stevie Nicks in concert with Fleetwood Mac, and I toured with Bob Seger. While Waylon and Loretta are tattooed on my heart and I'm deep-rooted in fiddle, steel, and twangy telecaster, this time, I channelled my deep love for rock icons Stevie, Tom Petty, Neil Young and Bob Seger in a way I never have before. I married ethereal rock vibes with the grit of a country lyric."

"Paul Cauthen took the helm as producer and brought in the stellar Beau Bedford and Jeff Saenz to complete the trifecta to get the sound we were going for. The majority of the album was recorded at Modern Electric Sound Recorders in Dallas, TX and features some of the band members I play with every night on tour. I want my fans to be able to take home that live experience, the guitar tones, fiddle solos - I leave everything on the stage each night and I want people to feel that in this recording."


  1. Tie Me Up
  2. Easy as Hello
  3. Married Alone (feat. Vince Gill)
  4. Someday You'll Call My Name
  5. How'd I End up Lonely Again
  6. A Song Can't Fix Everything (feat. Paul Cauthen)
  7. Want You to Miss Me
  8. Wasting One on You
  9. Fool Like Me
  10. All I Don't Need
  11. Leaving is My Middle Name
  12. Still Here


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