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This is music straight from the Golden Era in country without any aberrations to be found. The way the song Out of Sight and Out of Mind starts with a tag of the chorus shows how studied in classic country modes The Malpass Brothers are. But it's one thing to select the right instrumentation and tones to re-create an era. What's also indicative of a bygone era in country is how incredibly gifted the Malpass Brothers are to sing the material.

Previously, it was a prerequisite to be a gifted singer to be able to perform country music. These days, it's a secondary concern. The Malpass Brothers may be one of many acts who make older sounding music in the modern context. But it's the smoothness and richness of their vocal delivery that makes them second to none. ~ SavingCountryMusic


  1. Paying For The Dream
  2. The Man I Ain't
  3. I've Got Her On My Mind Again
  4. Topic
  5. We Don't
  6. Love Is A Lonely Street
  7. We Can't Still Be Friends
  8. Out of Sight and Out of Mind
  9. Don't Cry Daddy
  10. Love Slips Away
  11. That'll Be the Day
  12. Road of Memories


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