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Little Pink Mack ... Highway Heroine Bakersfield Twang backed by the Buckaroos! 

Got your ears on? This album collects Kay Adams' live studio cuts from the Buck Owens Ranch Show. Along with Tammy, Patsy and Loretta, Kay was one of country's first female artists who elevated women in the genre. 

Gritty and country-to-the-bone, let this one spin & cut a rug! 


  1. Little Pink Mack
  2. Roll Out the Red Carpet
  3. Let the Good Times Roll
  4. Silver Threads and Golden Needles
  5. Terrible Tangled Web
  6. Anymore
  7. Rocks in My Head
  8. I Let a Stranger Buy the Wine
  9. Bottle Baby
  10. Get Out of My Heart
  11. Big Mack
  12. A Devil Like Me (Needs An Angel Like You)
  13. Number One Heel
  14. Old Heart Get Ready
  15. Six Days A'waiting
  16. Down, Down, Down
  17. Loose Talk
  18. You Don't Have Very Far to Go
  19. Honky Tonk Heartache
  20. Be Nice to Everybody
  21. She Didn't Color Daddy
  22. Walk the Floor
  23. Toy Heart


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