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Brit Taylor's highly anticipated sophomore album, Kentucky Blue, is a drive down the famed Country Music Highway Route 23 - back to her Appalachian roots.

Grammy-winner Sturgill Simpson and renowned engineer and producer David Ferguson caught wind of the Kentucky gem after her self-reflective debut album, Real Me, garnered praise from Rolling Stone, American Songwriter and NPR's World Cafe. The two legends didn't hesitate to jump in and get their hands dirty, producing the next musical chapter of Brit's life story. 

The album exudes confidence with a touch of attitude and is a progression of her life and her music and an introduction to the stand-your-ground and know-your-worth Brit of today. 

Kentucky Blue is a shift back to Taylor's East Kentucky influences where the cry of the fiddle, the moan of the steel guitar, the twangy banjo and the atmospheric string section are like a journey floating through space and time. 


  1. Cabin in the Woods
  2. Anything but You
  3. Kentucky Blue
  4. Rich Little Girls
  5. No Cowboys
  6. If You Don't Wanna Love Me
  7. Ain't a Hard Livin'
  8. Love's Never Been That Good to Me
  9. For a Night
  10. Best We Can Do


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