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Nashville recording artist Buck Ford focuses on keeping that authentic country sound mixed in with his modern style edginess. Buck's influences consist of George Strait, Merle Haggard, Mark Chesnutt and Daryle Singletary just to name a few. 

Buck and his band pride themselves on the fact that their performances 'bring back to life' that authentic country sound with an edgy modern new flavor.

I'm Getting There is Buck Ford's 2022 album release, featuring the track Savin' The Planet (One Beer At A Time).


  1. I Know Them Blues
  2. Lonely
  3. Take Her Leavin'
  4. Heart That's Gonna Break
  5. I'm Gettin' There
  6. Honkytonk Ambition
  7. Talking to Hank (feat. Kevin Denney)
  8. Feeling Bad
  9. A Little More Country
  10. Savin' the Planet
  11. I Didn't Know 
  12. Girl That's How
  13. One More


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