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"More than ever, people need to hear songwriters talk about their lives. We don't always have to search for monster hits. We can just write about our lives and maybe that might actually work. That's what this record is a lot of. 

"A lot of massive songs, but also a lot of me just writing authentically and honestly about my life. Flyin symbolizes the next phase of my career. I feel like I'm flying into this chapter where I'm the best version of myself that I've ever been. Y'all better catch-up or you're getting left behind. I'm on fire!" ~ Wade Bowen


  1. Flyin
  2. Mary Jane
  3. Rainin On Me
  4. Nothin But Texas
  5. Two Hurts, One Stoned
  6. Friday Night" (feat Troy Aikman)
  7. Someone Else's Now
  8. When I Wanna Be Wanted" (feat Hillary Lindsey)
  9. Love Does What It Wants To
  10. The Request
  11. The Hardest Part
  12. Hidin Behind This Microphone


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