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Following his first project, Locals Only, Ernest is back and blossoming with 11-track debut record Flower Shops (The Album)

Unveiling a new, more traditionally country chapter in his sound, Flower Shops (The Album) tells a complete story with Ernest at the helm, irrefutably rooted in his Nashville heritage and dancing along the boundary where Country, Pop, R&B, and roots music collide. 

The one-of-a-kind creator peppers in tropical elements reminiscent of Locals Only with heavy steel instrumentation, traditional country themes, and the troubadour's signature wordplay. Listeners are in for a treat as Flower Shops blooms.


  1. Sucker for Small Towns
  2. Tennessee Queen
  3. Classic
  4. Feet Wanna Run
  5. Comfortable When I'm Crazy
  6. Flower Shops (Feat. Morgan Wallen)
  7. Did It with You
  8. What It's Come to
  9. If You Were Whiskey
  10. Some Other Bar
  11. Flower Shops (Feat. Morgan Wallen) [Acoustic]


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