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2021 sees the release of Cover The Earth - the latest release from the fiercely independent country star Ray Scott. The album follows on from the success of 2020's Nowhere Near Done.

As Ray says "Country music is an original American art form to Europeans.  They either love it or they don't want to have anything to do with it, but the ones that love it are all about it.  Just being an American country artist has some panache about it with a lot of those folks."


  1. Cover The Earth
  2. Slow Dance
  3. As Long As The Bar's Open
  4. Cold Day in Hell
  5. Valley Like This
  6. 8 Ball
  7. Take A Drink
  8. Stoned
  9. Old Ways
  10. Old Memory
  11. Forgivin' Him
  12. Smilin' On My Way


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